It has been quite a long time no receiving any information from my international classmates.So, I was very happy when Feli wrote to me talking about coming to see me sometime later. After that, Santa appeared, too.

Actually, we were classmate just for 4 weeks in Singapore, and another one more month with Feli in Malaysia. However, the short time did not shorten our friendship. It feels so nice to hear from my dear friends in Palliative Care in different ages from different part of the world, to know what was going on with them and to tell them what happened to me.

It is quite unusual to have a group of such different friends I couldn't ever imagine. Some loves to send me jokes over emails; some is good at connecting us together with a grouped email; and some are just quiet and watch at you patiently. It is also nice to have our teachers as friends, which is quite difficult in my place, where teachers are always seem superior to students. So you can imagine how amazed I was when I first got a greeting card from one of our teachers, a very successful specialist in Palliative Medicine!

Though my own career in palliative medicine didn't give me much leisure to enjoy, especially because of some administration issues, I did enjoy this personal relationship with my lovely classmates and teachers! I always imagine there would be some time I could travel around and visit them one by one.