Everybody have their sick days, maybe because of a bad cold, a diarrhea, or something else. These sick days may pass quickly in one day or two. However, for diabetic patients, such little illnesses could cause serious problem.

In the following situations, diabetic patients should see a doctor immediately:
1.Blood glucose over 240 mg/dL and ketones are present.
2.Cannot eat.
3.persistent vomiting or diarrhea.
4.Fever persists more than 24 hours.

Besides, the following should be done:
1.Take your usual dose(s) of insulin or oral medicine. In fact, extra doses of regular insulin may be needed to keep blood glucose under control.
2.Check your blood glucose and urine ketones every 4-6 hours, and record results.
3.Check your temperature four times a day.
4.Drink plenty of calorie-free liquids (8-12 oz. per hour), to dilute blood glucose and ketones.
5.If you cannot eat your meals, drink regular liquids (with sugar) and replace meals with foods that are easy to digest such as crackers, toast, soup, hot cereal, juices, milk, eggs.
6.If you are vomiting, sip about 4 oz. of juice or regular (nondiet) soft drink per hour.