People always associate diabetes with over-consumption of sugar. Thus, when talking about foods for diabetes patients, sugar seems completely forbidden.

Actually, it is not the case. First, patients with diabetes may eat anything they like. But they need to pay attention to the amount. As the daily total intake of carbohydrate is fixed for one people, eating more rice means less noodles should be ate. So, if you are eager to taste a candy, it is fine, but you need to cut down your other foods containing carbohydrates. Second,diabetes diet is not always the same for one patient or for all the patients. The total amount of carbohydrate intake varies with different blood sugar levels and body weight. Patients should consult with their doctors for instructions and suggestions. Third, some foods are said to be good for diabetes patients. However, the truth may be just in the contrary. For example, pumpkin is said to lower blood sugar. But in fact, it contains high percentage of carbohydrates and could increase blood sugar to a very high level.

So, science and common sense sometimes do not meet at the same point. To take good care of yourself, you need to read more scientific articles and listen to what your doctor says.