Although medical sciences have been deveolping rapidly in modern times and less and less myths in human biology, there are still a lot of misconceptions of pregnancy, which put heavy burden onto the mother-to-bes.Some common misconceptions include: the myth that getting your hair and nails done is harmful for the baby, that sex is contraindicated in pregnancy and that all sugar-free drinks are bad for you.

For example, many people believe that exercise is dangerous during pregnancy. While it is true that overly strenuous exercise or exercise that could cause something to impact the abdomen can be slightly dangerous, the fact is that regular moderate exercise is not only safe to the pregnant woman and her baby, but is actually beneficial in many ways to them both.

Another misconception, that you should not keep a pet like cats or dogs while pregnant, is based on the fact that you can get certain infections if you come into contact with cat feces, rather than the cat or dog itself.The only thing is that you should not come into a direct contact with the litter of the cat as it has a parasite called toxoplasmosis. It is a parasite that can cause serious infections in humans and deformities in the developing baby.

The "old wives" also like to tell a lot of donts during refinement. I have heard a lot of people say: after giving birth, women are not allow to bathe for at least 30 days.It is really ridiculous!!During the confinement, there is no reason why women cannot bathe. In fact, bathing is good personal hygiene. Skin and wound infection of the birth canal may be avoided.

It is also believed that air-con should not be used during confinement period. It is as ridiculous as above.The air-con can be switched on as long as it is not blown directly and the mother and the baby feel comfortable.

There seems to be various tales about dos and donts in pregnancy. I have been very confused why they do not believe in science. Once I asked for scientific evidence of such misconceptions to people around, they could not answer even one word but see outraged.