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Winter-what to eat for diabetic people

Winter is a season when people would like to stay at home, have a get-together, and EAT a lot of food.For people with type 2 diabetes, it can be quite challenging to stick to a meal plan.In China, the most important festival-Spring Festival also comes in cold winter when all the people in a family would come together and celebrate. Sweet drinks, such as Cola,Spirit, and wine,are indispensable factors to fan up the climax of festival atmosphere. Sausage and preserved ham are two of the most popular food in winter among chinese people, which contain a lot of fat and salt.Facing these best dishes of the year, it is really a hard time for diabetic people. However, you don’t have to completely sacrifice all of your favorite foods. The key is to make a variety of healthy food choices and limit portion sizes.


Summer diet for diabetic people

Notification of summer diet for diabetes people.


diabetic patients in sick days

Everybody have their sick days, maybe because of a bad cold, a diarrhea, or something else. These sick days may pass quickly in one day or two. However, for diabetic patients, such little illnesses co


Short term complications of diabetes(3)-Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Ketones are the toxic acids produced when blood glucose rises in the absence of insulin. Large amounts of ketones in the blood can cause a life-threatening problem called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).

Short term complications of diabetes(2)-hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia is actually a very common complication in diabetes. It occurs before diabetes is diagnosed, and continues to take place now and then during the treatment. It can occur gradually and with

Short term complications of diabetes(1)-hypoglycemia

Diabetes is mared by high blood glucose. But the biggest problem is the abnormal fluctuate of of blood glucose levels. Too high or low glucose is neither good for health. Everyone responds a little di


Secondary hypercholesterolemia, not inherited familiar one,specifically, high LDL cholesterol, is associated with hypothyroidism (that is, low thyroid hormone levels), pregnancy, and kidney failure.

Blood glucose monitoring in diabetes

When a patient is diagnosed diabetes, the first thing health provider suggest is to buy a glucometer. Glucose monitoring would become something commen for him.

When first diagnosed, glucose check

Daily excercise for diabetes patients

Excercise is essential for health. It is the case not only for average peopel, but also for diabetic ones.

Scientific researches have shown that daily excercise could help Lower blood glucose (bloo


Diabetes Diet

People always associate diabetes with over-consumption of sugar. Thus, when talking about foods for diabetes patients, sugar seems completely forbidden.

Actually, it is not the case. First, patien